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Rats Control

Rats ControlRats are similar to mice however they are considered to be more serious of intruders. Being nocturnal animals like the mice they could spend some time at our home without even noticing them. The symptoms however will be obvious: droppings, chewed furniture and cables, specific odor spreading throughout the household. You could distinct rat foot traces for they are bigger than those of the mice. Furthermore rats tend to leave certain marks on the walls while passing by. Their oily fur rubs against the surface and creates small holes in it.

If rats feel threatened they may become aggressive and they could even bite you as a protective reaction. Thus do not try to deal with them on your own but seek for professional companies operating in the field. They are low hygiene creatures and you may catch a serious disease if bitten.

Rats are mainly attracted by food left unattended. According to various studies the number one reason for rats to enter a human habitat are the open garbage bags and cans. Other luring factors are pet food, overripe fruits fallen in gardens, dog dropping and compost piles. Once in the property rats hide in dirty, dark and humid places such as ceilings, under or behind the bathtub, in cupboards, but their favorite hiding place is in the basement close to the furnaces. Once accommodated rats commence eating our leftovers such as rice, potatoes piles, carrots, cereal, lettuce and etc.

Having mentioned that you realize that maintaining your property clean is of crucial importance. It won’t make the rats go away, but it will prevent them from returning once they have been removed for the house is would no longer be an attractive site for them. Also rat proof your property by sealing and filling in all cracks and holes on the walls, roof and foundations. Choose rodent resistant garbage cans that can be airtight sealed, so that you don’t have to worry about rodents ripping the bags and dispersing garbage all over the place. Storing food in food containers in the fridge and drawers can also help.

However first you have to deal with the current infestation, call immediately a pest control team to take a good care of your property and remove the invaders effectively.

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