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Flea Control ServiceMany landlords ask themselves what are the best methods for flea control. Fleas have a complex, four stage life cycle, therefore to effectively control fleas that can infest your home you must target all stages of the flea’s life cycle. The flea control must affect your pets too, because pets could very well be the cause of certain flea invasions in your property. Although it’s not a rule, your dog or cat can be the ones to carry inside your hose fleas. Even if they have had their flea shot on time and even if you tend to use flea shampoos and powder or special collars the insects can still end up on your pets’ fur and from there on your fluffy carpet or upholstery.

Leaving them be and spread is not an option. You might don’t even notice them at first, however soon you will become an object of their constant irritating bites. They are said not to attack humans, but if you allow them thrive in your home it is only a matter of time to become a victim of their thirst.

Regular cleaning is a must if you want to have a flea free house. You should pay significant attention to your pet’s corner (where he sleeps or eats) and to the carpets if any. Do not forget to maintain your lawn mowed as well and keep your yard free of any litter. Such actions will reduce the risk of flea infestation but won’t definitely cure such. To get rid of flea infestation you should invite an expert to examine your property. After the inspection he will take the necessary measures to terminate the infestation in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Call us immediately after noticing the worrying signs and we will assist you in the most suitable manner. We have highly competitive prices thus you will be satisfied not only with the positive results of our work, but with the reasonable investment you have made. After all fleas don’t stand a chance before our highly qualified and trained exterminators.

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