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Cockroach Control

Cockroach ControlIf your home has been conquered by some nasty creepy roaches, which have started to accommodate themselves as if they own the place, and no matter what you do, you cannot chase them away, it is high time to end your misery and call a professional extermination squad from a renowned pest control company.



Even if cockroaches are quite resilient we are ready to help you regain your control over your home. During the years we have accumulated valuable knowhow and experience to deal with various invaders such as rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, pigeons, ants, mosquitoes, termites, squirrels, and mainly roaches as they are the most common pests found in households. Unlike other pest extermination companies, we use multiple approaches when it comes to pest control. The utilization of toxic and chemical products and methods is not our priority. It is a last resort option only. We prefer natural treatment methods for we care for the environment at the health of your family. We always emphasize on the importance of sanitation and prevention.

The best way to prevent roaches invasion is to have meticulous cleaning habits performed on a daily basis focusing exceptionally on the kitchen and the right garbage disposal process. You are also highly recommended to seal all holes in the walls and foundation, around pipes, doors and windows from which the pests can crawl into your home. Don leave out food but keep it in sealed containers, ignoring food crumbs on the floor or on the kitchen counters is also intolerable and reckless act. Limit the roaches’ access to any food or water source and they won’t find your property attractive at all. However once having encountered a serious invasion of roaches do not lose precious time but contact us immediately. The sooner the better. We will inspect the property, find the key reason of the outburst and recommend and further implement the best treatment strategy possible. We will further inform you of the best practices involved in the fight against roaches to have in mind upon possible further encounters.

Pest Control Potters Bar

Pest Control Potters Bar

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