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About us

The company has a vital experience in the field and our professional teams have been meticulous and thorough in every extermination task presented. Pest Control Potters Bar has proven in time that no job is too small to be neglected or too hard to be managed successfully. We cover all different fields of infestation including insects, rodents, birds, etc. and we aspire to reach the highest possible level of satisfaction of our clientele because we know how important it is to live in a pest free environment, where you are the king of the castle.

Our services are highly customized and we are prepared to face an endless list of our customers’ needs and special preferences. Over the years we have mastered winning methods and techniques in the battle with different infestations, and we apply them perfectly without endangering the property’s environment and its inhabitants.

At Pest Control Potters Bar we are proud with our exemplary work ethics policy which states:

  • Utter willingness to be of assistance to our customers in their distinct problems;
  • We value our customers’ privacy and we work in full confidentiality;
  • We take into consideration our customers’ health and the impact of our actions on the nature;
  • We use non-chemical, non-toxic and environmental friendly products;
  • We do not give up even if the pests are more resilient than expected;
  • We use chemical products as last resort means;
  • We always inform the customers about the pros and cons of the different removal techniques;
  • We never turn a job down, no matter how hard or easy it might be.

Our employees are experienced and qualified to determine the suitable approach to a given problem. They are ready to supply you with the necessary information on how to proceed in future in order to keep your home completely at your own disposal, free of pests and other useless concerns.

Pest Control Potters Bar

Pest Control Potters Bar

Pest Control in Potters Bar
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